How To Update SAP Support Package

Sometimes you need to update your SAP Support Package for bug fixing or regular maintenance.

You check your current SAP Support Package Level from transaction SPAM --> Package Level or System --> Status , under Component Version click the glass icon.

It will show your current SAP Support Package of each component.

Before you upgrade it, make sure you have downloaded necessary SAP Support Package.

1. Go to transaction SPAM to start upgrading. Load your files from Support Package --> LoadPackages --> from Front End (or you load it from Application Server, but you need to extract it in folder /usr/sap/trans/EPS/in (UNIX) or <drive:>\usr\sap\trans\EPS\in (Windows))

Upgrade SAP Support Package
Load SAP Support Package
2. Choose your Support Package File

Upgrade SAP Support Package
Support Package Files
 3. Choose Allow
Grant Access to Support Package File
 4. It will show you the content of file, choose "Decompress"
Extract Support Package
Extract the Support Package File
 5. After that you'll go to initial screen of transaction SPAM. Click "New Support Package" to see the uploaded files.
 Make sure your newly uploaded files are shown here.
uploaded SAP Support Package
List of New SAP Support Package
6. From initial screen of transaction SPAM, click "Display/Define"

7. Click All Components
Upgrade SAP Support Package
All Components of Support Package
8. Click "Calculate Queue"
Calculate Queue SAP Support Package
You'll see your calculated Queue. You can import several SAP Support Package in a row or you can choose to upgrade one by one. Click Individual Component 
Calculated Queue
9. Click single component you want to upgrade (e.g: SAP_BASIS)
List of individual component
 you'll shown individual component
SAP Basis individual component
10. You can include your Modification Adjustment, or Click No to skip it.
11. You'll be brought back to initial screen of Tcode SPAM. You notice that your SPAM status is yellow and next action is "Import Queue". Click the "Import Queue". 
Ready to import SAP Support Package
12. You can choose to import in Dialog or in Background mode. 
Background import SAP Support Package
Start Import in Background
14.  See the import logs in case of problem, and when the import finish you'll see your "Next Action" is "Confirm Queue"
Confirm your import queue
15. Click Package Level and make sure your Support Package is updated 
Your support package is updated

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  2. I have a question how can I transport all the Support Package from DEV to QAS and finally to PRD whithout repeating all the installation procedure made in tx SPAM in each client?.

    Best Regards.

  3. I am following this way to apply a patch to ABA 731 level 2. I am facing a problem in applying the patch which is of level 12. Is there any sequence to apply patches like first BASIS then ABA ete ......

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