How To F-53 (Post Outgoing Payment)

How To F-53 (Post Outgoing Payment)

This functions allows you to post a vendor payment manually and clear the open item(s). Most of the outstanding invoices will be paid by payment program (F110), but it may happen that for some rarely used bank accounts this program will not be configured. In such cases payment for vendor documents will be done manually and you’ll need to post the bank documents using the transaction F-53.


You need to pay an invoice based on a business requirement where you don’t want to wait for the next payment run or you need to pay an invoice from the bank account that is not relevant for the automatic payment program.


Outstanding vendor invoice.

Menu Path
Accounting ® Financial Accounting ® Accounts Payable ®Document entry ® Outgoing payment ® F-53 - Post 
Transaction Code

Double click on F-53 – Post

Update the following fields:

Field Name
Field Description
Document date
Date the transaction occurred
Example:  18.11.2012
Company code
Code identifying a separate legal entity for which a separate set of accounts is maintained for external reporting purposes
Example: xxx
Posting date
Date that the business transaction occurred
Example:  18.11.2012
Code identifying the currency used in the transaction
Example:  USD
Vendor document reference, like invoice number
Example:   Free Text
Code identifying the General Ledger account
Example:  1111112100
Amount of a payment
Example:  1000000
Value date
Today's date
Example:  18.11.2012
Code identifying the Vendor account
Example:  1001500

You entered the basic payment data. Now you need to clear your bank document with an outstanding invoice. To do so, click Process open items Button . The system will display full list of outstanding vendor documents:

All invoices are not selected for processing. Select the document you want to clear with you payment by double-clicking on it (choose document 10001113).  Now the selected document is displayed in blue and the value of the field “not assigned” is equal 0.

You can simulate your document before posting it. From the menu path choose “Document -> Simulate” to display document overview:

To post your document, click Save Button..

The message bar displays “The document number XXXXXXXX was created in company code XXXX”.

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  2. Is there a way that the payment prints automatically without having to return dasn FBL1N ???

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