How To Local Copy Client SAP

You have created a new SAP client and want to copy data from other client. You do local SAP client copy for the following:
- to fill initial data (usually copy from 000)
- to do SAP System refresh (in your QA)

1. Login to your newly created/empty client as SAP* and Go to Tools -> Administration ->Administration -> Client Administration -> Local Copy or Directly Go to transaction SCCL.
SAP Local Client Copy
SAP Local Client Copy
 2. Choose the copy profile
Profile for SAP Local Client Copy
Profile for SAP Client Copy
 3. Use  Parallel Processing to speed up the process.
Use Parallel Processing for Client Copy
Use Parallel Processing
 4. Enter the Parallel Processing Group
RFC Group for Parallel Processing
RFC Group
 5. You can schedule in background or start immediately
Background server for Client Copy
 6. Choose Background Server and click immediately
Choosing Background Server for SAP Client Copy
Choosing Background Server for Client Copy
 7. Background Job scheduled 
Choose Background Server for Client Copy
Scheduling Client Copy
 8. Summary of your SAP Client Copy
Summary of SAP Client Copy
Summary of your SAP Client Copy
 9. SAP Client Copy is being processed and you can see the log from SCC3.
Log of Client Copy
10. Double click to see the progress.
Progress of SAP Client Copy
11. Make sure your client copy is successfully completed .
SAP Client copy successfully completed
SAP Client copy successfully completed

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